Personal responsibility as foundation for successful relationships

Jesper Juul says the personal responsibility is the responsibility, which we have for our own life – our physical, psychological, mental and spiritual health and development. As adults we always carry these responsibilities and we cannot delegate it. As long as we haven’t realized this we always tend to blame other people whenever we are not feeling well. There is also a form of dependence predicated which we can only overcome if we acknowledge our own self-responsibility. And the best way to strengthen self-responsibility and self-esteem is according to Juul the development and the use of personal language.

The Personal language

According to Juul the personal language never hurts the feelings of the other or weighs their wishes or needs. It is the first language in which children express themselves. In the culture of obedience in which many of us have grown up, one, however, puts much value in limiting the development of the personal language of children in favor of the social speech (to talk “nice”).

The ability to discuss is regarded higher than the ability to award the childs inner expression. The development of personal language is normally neglected at school age and that’s why for some people it is often in a kind of dozy state.