Family and couples’ counseling

Even if just one family member has problems the whole family needs help. In my training as a family counselor have learnt that parents do their best and even want the best for their children but it’s often not the right thing. Children react the same way undoubtedly to unprocessed and suppressed subjects of their parents as well as on “family secrets”. About half of the children do imitate their parents directly whereas the other half express themselves mirror-inverted.

Family and couple consultation helps to unlock and change family patterns.

Case-supervision / Team development
Apart from families, couples and individuals, I also consult experts in economic and service area as well as self-employed and freelancers, executives and project groups on their work topics.

Case supervision and team development helps to become aware how to deal with my career with a new perspective, gives answers to open questions, spots resources on work and conflicts.


Family-Couple counseling 90 min/150 Euro
With a co-therapist Price upon request

The prices for Case-supervision vary.

Individual fee agreement is possible.

Information on cancellation of a session:

In case you have to cancel an appointment please do this at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise I will charge the whole fee for your reserved time.